Easter Garden 2020

Some out of the box thinking this year has created the most splendid Easter Garden outside Essendon church. With restrictions on any movements outside the home and with social distancing observed at all times, the garden has been built by those on their permitted daily exercise walk. The cross has been made from the trunk of the Christmas Tree and all other materials, from those to hand.

Children around the village were invited to fill the jam jars as they passed by on their walks.

Easter Garden 2019

Open Book Team at Essendon School 

November 2019

Leaf Clearance 2019

August 2019 Cream Teas

Essendon Teddy Service 2019

All Saints Day

Creating a stained glass window from tissue scraps

Christingle 2018

Essendon Christmas Star

Essendon Churchyard Leaf Clearance 2018