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The parish comprises the village called Newgate Street and the hamlet of Tyler’s Causeway.

The church of St Mary, Ponsbourne is located in the centre of Newgate Street Village. Together with the school next door, the church is at the heart of a community, and the spire is at a height matched only by radio masts for miles around.

Built in 1848 from Bath stone and known originally as St Mary's, Tolmers and then as St Mary's, Hatfield, the church was enlarged in 1858 when the present Walker pipe organ and the tower with steeple were added. A new chancel, organ chamber and vestry were erected in 1887.

The church was originally in the parish of Hatfield until Ponsbourne St Mary parish was created in December 1912 and adjacent land to the south was consecrated as a burial ground in November 1913. The name “Ponsbourne” was taken from the park situated to the east of the church.

There is a strong musical tradition and the 1858 Walker Organ underwent a full restoration in 2013.

Parking is available at the village hall opposite, but regrettably there are no toilet facilities at the church.

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