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1st Sunday

9.30 am Parish Communion (CW) Essendon

9.30 am Family Service Ponsbourne

11.00 am Parish Communion (BCP) Brickendon

2nd Sunday

9.30 am  Parish Communion (CW) Bayford

11.00 am Family Service Little Berkhamsted

3rd Sunday

9.30 am  Parish Coimmunion (CW) Ponsbourne

9.30 am  Family Service Essendon

11.00 am  Family Service Brickendon

4th Sunday

9.30 am  Parish Communion (CW) Little Berkhamsted

11.00 am Family Service Bayford

6.30 pm Evensong Essendon

(April-September but not August)

(BCP – Book of Common Prayer)

    (CW – Common Worship)


  • These are the usual Sunday service times but please check the Calendar in case there has been a departure from the normal pattern on a particular day.

  • When a 5th Sunday occurs in a month, a single Group Communion Service is held on a rotating basis.

  • During August there is a single Group Communion Service every Sunday morning, again rotating through the Group.

  • The times and churches for these special services will be put on the Calendar as soon as they are known.


Weekday services: there is a Holy Communion (BCP) Service every Wednesday at 9.30 am at Essendon.  Also, a telephone service every Wednesday at 10 am.  To join this service, dial 03306060403 from any phone (free).  Enter Access Code 568124.  Press the # key.

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